Culinary tables

Culinary Tables




Prosciutto/ figs/ Bocconcini/ basil/ balsamic reduction

Beet and goat cheese salad/ mango chips/ raspberry vinaigrette/ arugula sprout

Mojito-style gravlax/ zucchini ceviche/ glasswort/ taro chips

Niçoise with artichokes/ grilled halloumi/ marinated mushrooms

Tuna Tataki in Poppyseed Dress/ Compressed Watermelon/ Marinated Vanilla Cauliflower

Upside-Down Veggie Garden/Mini BLTs

Citrus/avocado/cilantro sprout scallop ceviche.

Duck tartare in a fig / variations of beets / heart of cattails

Fresh ham with rosemary/ strawberry and Thai basil/ maple caramel with mango


Marinated tuna lollipops in citrus/ pistachio/ wasabi peas/ sea spinach

Candied tomatoes injected with parmesan or coated with basil / Mozzarella coated with tomato or basil / Prosciutto chip

Foie gras rolls in raspberry or blueberry jelly

Crème brûlée with camembert/ apple, endive and walnut salad

Beef tenderloin gravlax with citrus fruits / foie gras shavings / sesame carrots


Hot Paintings


Quail leg glazed with maple/ devilish salad with sea buckthorn/ root vegetable chip

Asparagus and sesame tatatki / Prosciutto / parmesan cream / candied tomatoes

Grilled octopus with sesame oil/ pink grapefruit coulis/ grilled red pepper coulis/ lemongrass fennel coulis/ marinated edamame/ chorizo ​​/ green apple

Pork flan/ grilled shrimp/ homemade baseball mustard/ maple vinaigrette/ grilled red endives

Langoustines with sumac/ citrus jelly/ red radish/ chilli sponges

Apple chicken wings/ 3-year-old sharp cheddar croquette/ bacon/ fried onions

Pork tenderloin with blackberries/corn/mushrooms

Low temperature duck breast/ lemon/ rosemary/ crispy onions/ mushrooms stuffed with chorizo.

Grilled scallops/citrus/fir

Beef mignon spiced with coffee/ asparagus ¨toasted¨ with parmesan/ shiitake mushrooms/ black onions with black beer/ smoked scallops

Confit duck gizzards/ fried squid with parmesan

Lobster/ flank steak/ asparagus/ butternuts

Vanilla salmon/grilled boy choy/mango coulis/tomato coulis

Halibut/ pistachios/ oranges/ bacon bits/ beans




Pavlova/ strawberries/ chocolate

Chocolate cromesquis/ raspberry coulis/ mango coulis/ raspberries

Air of chocolate / raspberries / cat's tongue

Deconstructed Tiramisu

Fruit salad

Layered raspberries/ white chocolate mousse



Jardin de légumes et ses minis blt à l'envers
tomate, parmesan et basilic
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