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Foie gras aux petits fruits
Foie gras aux petits fruits
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Cold starters

  • Salad of heirloom tomatoes, fresh sheep's cheese and trilogy of radishes
  • Salad of heirloom tomatoes, mango and basil
  • Reviewed and corrected Greek salad
  • Beet and apple tartare, goat cheese and basil mousse
  • Portobello, beet and cocoa
  • Halibut tartare and marinated vegetables
  • Trout, artichoke and raspberry gravlax
  • Daikon, smoked salmon and coriander
  • Salmon, Citrus and Compressed Watermelon
  • Brick with smoked salmon, Labné and herbs
  • Ceviche of scallops, strawberries, fennel and ginger
  • Lobster, smoked salmon and yellow potatoes
  • Chip and crab salad
  • Avocado, crab and asparagus roulade
  • Octopus, strawberry and rosemary
  • Octopus terrine with Mediterranean flavors
  • Giant oyster, sea urchin and raspberry
  • Smoked duck, figs and marinated red onions
  • Duck carpaccio, beets and cattail hearts with raspberry
  • Veal tartare, hazelnut, black garlic and bacon
  • Endive, gruyère and ham salad 24 months
  • Zucchini, smoked lamb and menthol herbs

Hot starters

  • Salad of chanterelles and wild blueberries
  • Brussels sprouts, leeks and cheese
  • Octopus and prawns with saffron and lavender
  • Shrimps and asparagus, cucumber salad
  • Scallop, shiitake and parmesan.
  • Duck breast with coffee and maple
  • Cute "Dexter"

Foie gras

  • Foie gras mousse with beets and cherries
  • Terrine of duck foie gras, figs and hazelnuts
  • Pan-fried duck foie gras with berries
  • Pan-fried duck foie gras with morels and blueberries

hot soups

  • Purple cauliflower, parmesan and arugula
  • Asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke and morels
  • Oyster mushroom with three peppers and chives
  • Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese and Persimmon
  • Panais et topinambour rôtis, pomme et gruyère
  • Jerusalem artichoke, smoked duck breast and gruyere cheese

Norman hole

  • Calvados and apple chips
  • Calvados jelly, hazelnut and pear mousse
  • Calvados and apple sorbet
  • Granny Smith Granita and Calvados

Main dishes…


  • Halibut in mustard and cilantro crust
  • Salmon, yellow beets and goat cheese
  • Sea bass, artichoke and bacon
  • Grilled bass, parmesan and chorizo
  • Scallops, morels and asparagus
  • Shrimp with matcha and tomato caramel
  • Crab and lobster in season
  • Sea bass, scallop and seaweed butter


  • Roast Chicken with Miso, Shiitake and Asparagus
  • Roasted pheasant, haskap sauce
  • Duck breast with figs and foie gras
  • Duck breast with blueberries and corn
  • Duck breast with cherries and beets
  • Duck breast and pan-fried foie gras, flavored cocoa sauce
  • Pigeon with foie gras, celeriac purée


  • Ginger Pork Belly and Carrot Trilogy
  • Pork tenderloin with figs, hazelnut and Brie
  • Maple piglet flan, shrimps and red endives
  • Braised veal cheek, Parma ham and chocolate
  • Filet mignon de veau aux chanterelles
  • Land and sea (flank steak and lobster)
  • Beef mignon all in red
  • Seared bison with chanterelles and asparagus.
  • Lamb shank with hazelnuts and salted herbs.
  • Venison ribs with elderberry.


  • Portobello glazed with maple and miso, tempeh stuffing with sesame oil
  • Cannelloni of beets, parsnips, asparagus and walnuts


  • Crunchy apple mille-feuille and hazelnut Comté cheese
  • Goat cheese fondue with caramelized pears
  • Camembert creme brulee
  • Riopelle on toasted bread with raisins, melted apple with cream
  • Platter of fine Quebec cheeses and its accompaniments

The desserts

  • around the apple
  • Revisited lemon tart
  • Pavlova with chocolate and seasonal fruits
  • Strawberries, pistachio and white chocolate
  • Blueberries, pistachio and dark chocolate
  • Double raspberry chocolate eclair
  • Chocolate and cherry treat
  • Religious with caramel and fleur de sel


Good to know:

Meal and/or wine and beverage service: $225.00 per evening
Chef: $275.00 per evening

Travel costs at $0.70/km
Minimum four services.
Additional charges when 10 people or less.

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