The process-The chef's tour- Chef at home- Entertaining has never been so simple!

“Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness.”

Theodore Zeldin
Choose your menu, according to your desires and your temptations, from this site. For a personalized service, it is also possible that Antoine creates a menu expressing all the flavor you want to give to your reception. Your budget is ours. Just contact us at 514-927-1912.

  1. You get in touch with us. This is the time to ask your questions, receive suggestions and process your special requests for the evening.
  2. The chef-owner arrives three hours before your guests, with everything needed for the reception.
  3.  Antoine presents his creations, the service staff takes the opportunity to open the judicious bottle of wine that our sommelier has suggested to you. Bewitched, people feast with all their senses, while you savor the beautiful, the good and the real time spent with your guests!
  4. The team leaves leaving you a nice clean kitchen.

Here are our menus: