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Chef Antoine
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Tapas...que c'est bon!

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Cocktail, Cocktail, Cocktail !

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Recevoir n'a jamais été aussi simple!
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The Chef's Tour

Antoine and his team take care of everything. From appetizers to dessert, from preparation to final products, from commissions to cleaning the kitchen and the dining room…..

Foie gras au framboises et au foin

Nous Adorons les cocktails dînatoires ! C’est festif et remplis d’étonnements. Découvrez notre forfait unique à Montréal !

Our services- The Chef's Tour- Entertaining has never been easier!

Antoine Lemay offers you his home chef services.
Gastronomic meal, cocktail dinner, tapas, culinary tables, birthday, personalized service... For each of your events, we bring together and orchestrate all our know-how to create a tailor-made culinary moment for you. où que vous soyez.
Take advantage of your guests, promote intimacy while benefiting from a service worthy of starred restaurants.
After choosing your menu, our project manager takes care of collecting the information necessary to organize your dinner. On D-Day, all the fresh products are delivered the same morning and then processed in our workshop.
Our chef arrives at your place three hours before the meal to take care of the final preparations.
On site, our team is autonomous. Equipment, furniture, crockery, everything is installed according to your wishes. It is not necessary to have an over-equipped kitchen, only a water point, an oven and free counters are enough for us.
Once your dinner is over, we return you an impeccable kitchen.


Our menus

The process-The chef's tour- Chef at home- Entertaining has never been so simple!

“Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness.”

Theodore Zeldin
Choose your menu, according to your desires and your temptations, from this site. For a personalized service, it is also possible that Antoine creates a menu expressing all the flavor you want to give to your reception. Your budget is ours. Just contact us at 514-927-1912.

  1. You get in touch with us. This is the time to ask your questions, receive suggestions and process your special requests for the evening.
  2. The chef-owner arrives three hours before your guests, with everything needed for the reception.
  3.  Antoine presents his creations, the service staff takes the opportunity to open the judicious bottle of wine that our sommelier has suggested to you. Bewitched, people feast with all their senses, while you savor the beautiful, the good and the real time spent with your guests!
  4. The team leaves leaving you a nice clean kitchen.

Here are our menus:

Welcome to the table d’hôtes menu – Le Tour du Chef

Entertaining has never been so easy- The Chef's Tour- Gastronomy at home
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-The Adorable-

Smoked salmon tian with grilled vegetables and basil

Braised leek cream with coriander oil, ginger and coconut milk

Beef short rib steak glazed with balsamic, festive salad and this one’s brioche

Double chocolate and raspberry eclair


-The veggie-

"I love VG, vegan and gluten-free cuisine"

Crispy onion rolls stuffed with chanterelles

Vegetable gardens with tomato blt

Grilled artichokes, Dauphine potato and tempeh bacon

Homemade ravioli with three cheeses, asparagus and morels

Vegan chocolate and blueberry tartlet



-Gluten Free Vegan-

Shittake, asparagus and mango crisps

Beet and red onion dumpling, basil and raspberries

Grilled asparagus on grilled red pepper tartare, truffles and crisps

Sushi pizza with wild rice, grilled oyster mushrooms, figs and hazelnuts with coconut milk sauce

Lemon pie upside down



-Winter 2023-

3 canapes of the chef's choice

Leek roulade with nori seaweed, smoked salmon and coffee

Grilled octopus, bed of roasted red peppers and 15 year old balsamic

Braised veal cheek, grilled artichokes and chanterelles

Caramel nun



-The sure hit-

Three canapes of the chef's choice

Veal tartare, hazelnuts, black garlic and bacon

Scallops, shiitake and parmesan.

Duck breast with figs

Pavlova with chocolate and seasonal fruits



-Chef's choice-

Salmon and avocado tartare with citrus fruits

Butternut cream, smoked duck, persimmon and goat cheese

Land and Sea The Chef's Tour

Pavlova with chocolate and seasonal fruits


Good to know:

Meal and/or wine and beverage service: $225.00 per evening.
Chef's service: $275.00 per evening.

Travel costs of 0.70 per km
Additional costs when less than 10 people

For more information or to reserve, call 514-927-1912

Price subject to change without notice. 2023


A la carte menu

Foie gras aux petits fruits
Foie gras aux petits fruits
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Cold starters

  • Salad of heirloom tomatoes, fresh sheep's cheese and trilogy of radishes
  • Salad of heirloom tomatoes, mango and basil
  • Reviewed and corrected Greek salad
  • Beet and apple tartare, goat cheese and basil mousse
  • Portobello, beet and cocoa
  • Halibut tartare and marinated vegetables
  • Trout, artichoke and raspberry gravlax
  • Daikon, smoked salmon and coriander
  • Salmon, Citrus and Compressed Watermelon
  • Brick with smoked salmon, Labné and herbs
  • Ceviche of scallops, strawberries, fennel and ginger
  • Lobster, smoked salmon and yellow potatoes
  • Chip and crab salad
  • Avocado, crab and asparagus roulade
  • Octopus, strawberry and rosemary
  • Octopus terrine with Mediterranean flavors
  • Giant oyster, sea urchin and raspberry
  • Smoked duck, figs and marinated red onions
  • Duck carpaccio, beets and cattail hearts with raspberry
  • Veal tartare, hazelnut, black garlic and bacon
  • Endive, gruyère and ham salad 24 months
  • Zucchini, smoked lamb and menthol herbs

Hot starters

  • Salad of chanterelles and wild blueberries
  • Brussels sprouts, leeks and cheese
  • Octopus and prawns with saffron and lavender
  • Shrimps and asparagus, cucumber salad
  • Scallop, shiitake and parmesan.
  • Duck breast with coffee and maple
  • Cute "Dexter"

Foie gras

  • Foie gras mousse with beets and cherries
  • Terrine of duck foie gras, figs and hazelnuts
  • Pan-fried duck foie gras with berries
  • Pan-fried duck foie gras with morels and blueberries

hot soups

  • Purple cauliflower, parmesan and arugula
  • Asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke and morels
  • Oyster mushroom with three peppers and chives
  • Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese and Persimmon
  • Panais et topinambour rôtis, pomme et gruyère
  • Jerusalem artichoke, smoked duck breast and gruyere cheese

Norman hole

  • Calvados and apple chips
  • Calvados jelly, hazelnut and pear mousse
  • Calvados and apple sorbet
  • Granny Smith Granita and Calvados

Main dishes…


  • Halibut in mustard and cilantro crust
  • Salmon, yellow beets and goat cheese
  • Sea bass, artichoke and bacon
  • Grilled bass, parmesan and chorizo
  • Scallops, morels and asparagus
  • Shrimp with matcha and tomato caramel
  • Crab and lobster in season
  • Sea bass, scallop and seaweed butter


  • Roast Chicken with Miso, Shiitake and Asparagus
  • Roasted pheasant, haskap sauce
  • Duck breast with figs and foie gras
  • Duck breast with blueberries and corn
  • Duck breast with cherries and beets
  • Duck breast and pan-fried foie gras, flavored cocoa sauce
  • Pigeon with foie gras, celeriac purée


  • Ginger Pork Belly and Carrot Trilogy
  • Pork tenderloin with figs, hazelnut and Brie
  • Maple piglet flan, shrimps and red endives
  • Braised veal cheek, Parma ham and chocolate
  • Filet mignon de veau aux chanterelles
  • Land and sea (flank steak and lobster)
  • Beef mignon all in red
  • Seared bison with chanterelles and asparagus.
  • Lamb shank with hazelnuts and salted herbs.
  • Venison ribs with elderberry.


  • Portobello glazed with maple and miso, tempeh stuffing with sesame oil
  • Cannelloni of beets, parsnips, asparagus and walnuts


  • Crunchy apple mille-feuille and hazelnut Comté cheese
  • Goat cheese fondue with caramelized pears
  • Camembert creme brulee
  • Riopelle on toasted bread with raisins, melted apple with cream
  • Platter of fine Quebec cheeses and its accompaniments

The desserts

  • around the apple
  • Revisited lemon tart
  • Pavlova with chocolate and seasonal fruits
  • Strawberries, pistachio and white chocolate
  • Blueberries, pistachio and dark chocolate
  • Double raspberry chocolate eclair
  • Chocolate and cherry treat
  • Religious with caramel and fleur de sel


Good to know:

Meal and/or wine and beverage service: $225.00 per evening
Chef: $275.00 per evening

Travel costs at $0.70/km
Minimum four services.
Additional charges when 10 people or less.

For more information or to book,

call 514-927-1912

THANKS! Looking forward to serving you!

Price subject to change without notice.
All rights reserved. The Chef's Tour. 2023

Antoine Lemay


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